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    high-performance exhibits.
  • 20 years of Experience
    in the Trade Show Industry
  • Inject your brand and
    values into a physical space.

Learn About Networx


Networx Exhibits is a global Full-Service Exhibit House and Event Marketing company.

We exist because we help our clients fully utilize their trade show investment.




Have a unique product and want a unique way to showcase it? We can develop a custom exhibit specifically designed for your needs.

Does your company only do a couple events a year? Do you not  want to have worry about storage for your companies exhibit? A rental exhibit is probably best for you. We will store and deliver you exhibit where ever you need it.

Most Exhibit houses only help with show logistics. Networx knows that the logistics is only one half of a successful trade show. We will help you optimize your lead generation during and after the conference is over.




Your brand is your business. We help you make sure that at any event your brand is represented how it was intended to be. We offer graphic, print and web design services.

Branding is only the first step to maximizing your investment at your next event. We help our clients put the pieces in place to convert more leads to sales.

Posters, banners, wallpapers. We offer high quality digital printing to communicate your big ideas.


With years of experience in the trade show business, our network extends across the globe. We have access to some of the most unique  and high tech products to help you get noticed at your next trade show.


Why Las Vegas?

Simply because all the major industry shows come through Las Vegas along with many highly specialized shows and conferences.  In fact Las Vegas host over 22,000 shows and conferences ranging in size for 20 to 150,000 attendees.  We have done shows world-wide in all major venues and still supply products all over the world but with our new focus we have determine we can offer a unique service (not offered by other companies) to greatly increase a client chance of success at a Las Vegas trade show.

Being in Las Vegas gives us the advantage of providing local delivery, support and services so all our clients need to worry about is their staff and products getting to Las Vegas we take care of the rest.  We offer complete custom turn-key solutions (just add staff and products) for little more than the cost of a “standard” (is 1 of 100 same exact booths offered by the show organization) we provide a display with the right message, right presentation of products targeting the right attendees for nearly any budget.


Past Clients

Networx has the best and brightest in every field. This strong team is the backbone of everything we do.

Why Networx?

Trade Show success depends on many elements most under the control of the exhibitor, but there are still companies with great products, superior service and innovative culture built around quality that never gains traction in the market and never seem to gain the recognition or success they deserve.  Usually two factors contribute to this; one, is the company did not prepare properly for the show and two, their competitors were better prepared to take advantage of the unique circumstances of a trade show and position themselves in the attendees mind as a company of note.


With experience in all aspects of the trade show industry we know first hand what buyers are looking for, what exhibitors need to do both logistically and strategically to be successful and most important the phases a company must go through to be successful.  What we have learned we provide to our clients in a way that saves them time and money while greatly increasing their chances for success.



Get started on the path to your ultimate vision right now. Contact us for more information on how we can create an environment perfect for you.



ADDRESS: Las Vegas, Nevada


PHONE: (702) 334-1874



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